Yes, you can get education insurance for uni! 

Education insurance includes one time or recurring funds for higher education (admission in engineering or PhD), also known as a term and permanent insurances. They include life insurance, medical insurance, and other umbrella liabilities. Getting insurance before getting admission to the uni is always a good idea. This gives you the freedom to choose your degree and higher education options. 

With increasing cases of untimely ailments, pandemic, and accidents, the insurance association has come up with many plans to help students. You can claim insurance for any stream of education like engineering, medic, finance, management, or arts. It becomes essential when you are looking for a university in a different country, medical and life insurance covers it all. 

How to pay for college with education insurance?

You can take out a policy to insure your child’s education. It could be a term plan or permanent insurance. It depends on the period you want to pay for. You can also take out a loan on these policies for admission or any other expense. 

There are many online insurance education classes that you can take to understand these policies. You can also consult an insurance agent to help you with the proceedings. 

Education insurance – tax benefits 

Taking out an education insurance policy helps you in getting relief in tax. The money that you save for your child’s education is tax-free. Additionally, the cash value of the policy helps you in getting an education loan for higher studies. This money will not only pay for the tuition of your child but for his safety too. 

If you have any doubts about the education insurance policies, you can enroll in online webinars for insurance assistance. These webinars are very interactive and full of information. Your child deserves a bright future, let him explore and wield his potential with an insurance policy. 

For more details on risk factors, terms and conditions please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale.
For more details on riders, terms and conditions, please read rider brochure.

*Tax Benefit: 
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#Premium range may vary based on frequency of premium payment and / or premium type selected. Premiums are subject to underwriting.